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Monoethylamine (70% in Water)

  • BT-01
  • BOTE
  • 70.0~72.0%Min
  • 150KGS/drum
  • 29211990.90
  • yes
  • 75-04-7
Chemical Name: Ethylamine
Synonyms:Aminoethane; Monoethylamine; EA
HS Code: 29211990.90
CAS NO.: 75-04-7
Chemical Formula: C2H7N
Structural Formula:
Molecular Weight: 45.08
Quality Standard: Corporation Standard
Property: Content: 70.0~72.0
        Boiling Point(℃): 37.69
        Flash Point(℃): -17

Monoethylamine,  wt%           70.0 ~72.0           70.7               
Ammonia,        wt% 0.15Max 0.08
Diethylamine,     wt% 0.15Max 0.03
Triethylamine,    wt% 0.07Max ND
Ethanol,         wt% 0.07Max ND
Water,          wt% 30.0 Max 29.3
Color,           APHA 15Max 10

Usages & Applications: 
Used to produce drug, pesticide, dye, emulsifier, detergent and rubber accelerator.
Packing Details :
Net weight 150kg/Iron drum ,12MT/1*20FCL.
Storage Condition: 
Store in cool and dry place, away from sun light.

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Add: No.30, Zhexi Road Kecheng District Quzhou City Zhejiang Province P.R. China
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